Solving common maintenance issues

ESPC Lettings manager Orlaith Brogan takes a look at some problems that are regularly reported and gives advise on how to solve them.

Managing a large portfolio of properties means we encounter a lot of questions from tenants around maintenance issues. Here are some solutions to the most common questions we get asked.


What are the most common maintenance issues in properties?

Lights not working

The first thing to do is check to see if there is a reason they are not working such as a light bulb that needs to be changed, an unpaid electricity bill or a tripped switch (check the fuse box and push the trip switch back up). If there has been a power cut, tenants will have to wait until the electricity has been switched on. If there is an electrical fault, your landlord will send an electrician.

Central heating not working

The first step is to ensure that the boiler is switched on. There is usually a power switch situated nearby the boiler. If the boiler is on, the next step is to check the pressure gauge on the boiler. If the pressure is below 1.0 you will need to repressurise the boiler. If you can do this yourself then great, but if you are having problems, contact your agent or landlord.

Electric storage heaters are not working

These heaters automatically switch on at night when the electricity changes over to a cheaper tariff, you cannot turn the heater on and get instant heat; you must ensure that it is left switched on at night in order for the heater to work the following day. If the heaters are not working, check the settings to ensure that they are plugged in and turned on. Some are wired into a fused point at the wall; check the fuse. The trip switch at the main fuse board should also be checked.

Blocked Drains

Slow flowing drains are usually caused by food particles, grease, rice, hair and other foreign objects. Remove any of the above and if the drain is still slow to clear use soda crystals which you can purchase from any supermarket. If the problem continues, call your landlord or agent.


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