Securing your home over summer

Now that summer’s here, it’s more tempting to get outside and enjoy the sun, but Police Scotland have some tips to make sure your property and home are secure.


As you spend time outdoors in the warm weather, doors and windows are often left wide open, providing a ready invitation to passing opportunist thieves who can sneak in and out, taking valuable property with them.

Officers warn that thieves will be looking to take advantage of open or unlocked doors and windows to steal from houses, garages, sheds and other outbuildings.

It’s also worth noting that leaving car keys within arm’s reach of the front door, gives thieves easy access to your car.

Here are some tips to make your home more secure:

  1. Install strong fencing and gates to prevent access to the back or side of your home
  2. Fit quality locks to your garage and shed, and never leave it unlocked
  3. Install security lights outside – Position the lights out of easy reach
  4. Install an alarm using a reputable company
  5. Use timer switches to turn lights on when you are not home
  6. When going on holiday, cancel regular deliveries, don’t leave your bins out on the street, tidy up the garden, ask a trusted neighbour to look after your house and open and close curtains, leave valuables elsewhere or lock them in a safe
  7. Take a photo of your valuable items and a note of any serial numbers, keeping them in a safe place. Mark items with a permanent marker UV pen or use a forensic marking system such as Smartwater
  8. Remember to lock up windows, remove the key and keep it in a safe place
  9. Keep all keys, especially car keys, out of sight within the home - not near to a door or window.


Chief Superintendent Mark Williams, Divisional Commander for Edinburgh said: "I want to make it clear to the public that tackling housebreaking is our top priority. Remember that you can help prevent housebreaking by appropriately securing your homes, outbuildings and businesses at all times.

"We can provide the public with free security surveys, which are a really effective way of giving out simple but effective advice.

"There's a great deal the public can do to make it tough for criminals and I'd appeal to householders to get in touch with us direct for a survey or go to where you can get more information on crime prevention."