Roses are red, violets are blue

Which type of property pick is for you?

property match up

It is the day of love or at least the day of overpriced red roses, chocolates and fluffy teddy bears but just like any other day of the year, it's also a day of property viewings and one of many days of finding your dream home. Take our quiz to find your match-up property based on your personality!


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Take the Quiz

Get a pencil handy and write down each answer so that you can tally us which 'type' of person you are the most right at the end.

1. When you search for a property, you always check to see how big/beautiful/relaxing the bathroom is first and foremost...

a) That's me! (The Romantic)

b) As long as it has running water who cares? (The Pragmatist)

c) Bathroom size is important but everything is! A little garden space would be more appreciated. (The Bohemian)


2. When you view a property, you tend to...

a) Spend ages walking around and around the home just to get a feel for the place (The Bohemian)

b) View in military style, in and out. There is a list of other homes to see! (The Pragmatist)

c) View in a tactile way: Touching walls, test taps, feel carpet... you see with your hands. (The Romantic)


3. When you look for a property on you...

a) Search from price 'highest to lowest' because you would rather see what you can't afford first

(The Romantic)

b) Search from price 'lowest to highest' because it can only get better the more you scroll (The Pragmatist)

c) You randomly type in a post code on 'search' and hope for the best (The Bohemian)


4. When you start your search for a property you tend to...

a) You got lost in town once and thought 'this would be a great place to live' (The Bohemian)

b) Start at the ESPC showroom to organise a meeting with an ESPC Mortgages Expert and get some free information (The Pragmatist)

c) Make a Pintrest board of what you would like to have in your home before you even find one (The Romantic)


5. After a positive viewing you...

a) Get overly excited and visualise living in the home you have just viewed, walking around the neighbourhood and even imagining yourself cooking in the kitchen! (The Romantic)

b) You have a logical conversation with your partner or co-buyer if you have one and go through your list of 'to-do's' before you put in an offer (The Pragmatist)

c) You go to a quiet space to think about the viewing and get a good night's sleep before making any further plans (The Bohemian)

property love end

Your score

Tally up your answers and collect your points, here is goes...

The Pragmatist

You collected mostly points on being 'The Pragmatist'. You are super-efficient, have an exact idea of what you want 99% of the time and tend to run things in ship shape. You don't even want to know what happens when you occasionally get the lurgy and can't help everyone and everything run as smoothly as they do now.

You tend to have a list and check it twice. You have a colour co-ordinated calendar and by golly will you stick to it.

Our advice to you: You probably know this already but we have a wealth of property advice on and our ESPC Paper is great for clipping out tips and tricks every week so do pick up a copy when you're next marching past our showroom, your local solicitor or RBS bank!

Sargent Major, our property pick for you is...

This detached property in Falkirk is perfect for you. Within commuting distance of the major shopping and amenities of East Central Scotland and with enough storage space to fit all your extra linen in (for when everyone comes to stay), you won't be short on spare rooms or living space in this pragmatic, energy efficient home.



The Romantic

You collected mostly points on being 'The Romantic'. You have big love to give and always tend to think with your heart rather than your head, which is fine because what would the world be without a little loving?

You tend to make property based decisions on things that make you happy rather than things that would make your life a bit easier. As long as you're happy, the rest is secondary!

Our advice to you: Make sure to seek some guidance from our cupids in the ESPC Showrooms. Our showroom staff are all full of love and will get where you are coming from. They will offer you easy to digest advice and help you to figure out where you want to live.

McLovin', our property pick for you is...

This romantical detached house which may be a little over budget but a dreamer can dream can't they? It boasts a stunning bathroom with roll-top bath and an impressive, modern kitchen for you to whip up an array of culinary delight for your loved ones.



The Bohemian

You collected mostly points on being 'The Bohemian'. You aren't easily stressed and tend to take things in stride, this is great because buying a property can be filled of things to do and decisions to make so you'll be as calm as a cucumber by the time you find your new home.

You don't make any decisions (let alone property based ones) quickly but when you do, they are the right ones. It must be nice rocking out to life at such a peaceful pace!

Our advice to you: Learn how to use if you haven't already. It's built to make things as easy as possible so all you have to do is put in some limited requirements and let our search engine do the rest!

Our property pick for you (drum circle drums please...)

This cute studio flat in Edinburgh available for a nifty price. It even has its own private garden for you to find your Zen in!


bohemian 2


Competition rules: All entrants must be over 18. The competition runs all week-end starting on the 14tf of Feb 2014 and ending on midnight on 17th Feb 2014.  There will be one winner picked from all entries on ESPC'S Facebook and Twitter channels. Entries close at midnight on 17th Feb 2014 a winner and will be announced as soon as possible on Facebook, Twitter and  The competition prize is not open to ESPC employees but they may partake. Winners will be selected as defined in the competition question as posted at the top of this page and on Facebook and Twitter.