At ESPC, we are pleased to announce we have launched our fresh new branding which you will be able to see in this paper, in our showrooms, on for-sale boards and in our member firms' windows across east central Scotland.

ESPC blue logo 887 x 300

ESPC has been helping buyers and sellers since 1971, and we have maintained a strong, consistent brand, built up over time to be the trusted local property experts in east central Scotland. The ESPC logo has remained largely unchanged since we launched, although we have amended our brand colours and incorporated the address within that time.

As a company, we are always looking to adopt a modern, fresh approach and we believe this new branding helps us to do so. The new logo has been created to reflect our attributes as the trusted expert in property across east central Scotland, and it allows us to promote ourselves in a more vibrant way.

What's more, the new logo allows us to more closely align with SPC Scotland and the other SPC's who make up this organisation of solicitor property centres, so that we can improve brand awareness and recognition across Scotland.

"I think the great thing about ESPC is when you are in a social setting and you tell people where you work, almost on any occasion there is somebody who will say they sold with ESPC or bought with ESPC, "Says Paul Hilton, ESPC's CEO. "Or they go on on a daily basis, pick up the paper, go into the showroom, so it's great to have a brand that people really interact with on a very regular basis."

"I think what you will see is a bigger, brighter ESPC out there. So, we are rebranding our showroom, the website, our newspaper and all our 143 member firms as well. We have had our existing logo since 1971 - what we are trying to do is slightly modernise that, which will have a nod to the existing logo, but also aligning with the other logos across SPC network. Many of the other SPCs have already rebranded, and ESPC's rebrand will fall in line with that."

Annie Barr, chief financial officer for ESPC, adds that "for any company their brand should align with the values of that company, and for us at ESPC, our values are 'trust, knowledge and innovation, and I think our new brand embodies that ESPC has been here since 1971, and I think everyone knows about us, or the majority of people do. People trust ESPC, they understand who we are and what we do, which I think is really great to work for a company that is so forward thinking and has been around for so long."

The new brand is just one of ways we are innovating in order to move forward and stay relevant. Our new brand is a way of evolving to be younger, fresher and to reach a new audience across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife. At the same time, we also know that we have loyal customers who we want to continue engaging with and meeting their needs. And we are certainly excited to see what comes next.

Look out for our new logo in this paper, in our showroom and on