Selling a property can be a stressful time with every day being a battle to juggle work, keeping the house tidy and being available for viewings.  Add kids into the mix and it can become pretty chaotic! The good news is this doesn’t have to be the case… Here are VMH Solicitors’ top tips to make moving with kids as easy as A.B.C 

Father showing a toy to her daughter


It’s amazing how fast things can accumulate when you have kids. A new toy here, another toy there and before you know it your home is one BIG playroom. So before having the photos taken, take the time to go through each room and decide what needs to go.

Neutralise the decor

The last thing you want is for buyers to feel they will have to factor the cost of re-decorating into their budget. You want to make sure your home appeals to the masses and whilst your little action heroes may love their brightly coloured bedroom, chances are the majority of buyers won’t. Not everyone can look past décor so neutralise walls and remove decorative items such as themed curtains or posters.


It is important that buyers can picture themselves living in your home. To prevent them from becoming distracted by your personal belongings, put the kid’s artwork away, remove fridge magnets, calendars and other personalised items and consider swapping some family photos with generic pictures.

Redefine the space

If you currently use your spare room as a play room for the kids, convert it back to a bedroom or home office. This will really help to sell the space you have on offer and appeal to the majority of prospective buyers viewing your home.


Perhaps one of the more difficult things about selling with children is having the house ready for viewings & working around your family’s schedule. Decide whether you want to offer “open viewings” or do viewings “by appointment” then agree set days & times for viewings to take place.

Occupy the kids

It’s difficult to prepare your home for viewings when the kids are making a mess faster than you can clean. Purchase special toys or activity books & games to keep them occupied while you get the property ready or enlist the grandparents for an hour (or two) to take the kids out during viewings.


As an added touch to boost your home’s selling potential, carry out a deep clean throughout. Make sure you don’t miss those sticky finger prints on the windows!

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