Paralympian Libby Clegg talks about her targets for 2013, visiting schools with ESPC and 'doing-an-Oscar'.

Hi once more

Firstly, a big thanks to the staff and pupils of Law Primary School (North Berwick in East Lothian), Seafield Primary School (Seafield in West Lothian), Newport Primary School (Newport on Tay in Fife) and St Georges School for Girls (Murrayfield in Edinburgh) for making me so welcome during my school visits in October. It was great meeting so many pupils to answer their sporting questions, have pictures taken, sign plaster-casts and hear about what each school worked the Olympics and Paralympics into the curriculum. Some of the question highlights were:


  • Were you out of puff when you finished your race?
  • Who inspired you to become an athlete?
  • What is your favourite shop?
  • What is a training session like?
  • Have you ever raced Usain Bolt?
  • Do I have ambitions to compete in the Olympics like Oscar Pistorius?

That last question this something I am asked often. Oscar has really helped raise the profile of Paralympic sport by competing alongside able-bodied athletes. I have ambitions of running the 100m as quickly as the ladies in Team GB but when it comes to competing my intention is to focus on the Paralympics. Plus, there is the logistical problem that Mikhail and myself take up 2-lanes. I may find myself competing in more races against able-bodied athletes as my times get faster but when it comes to major championships I will be sticking to the T12-classification. Within the Paralympic arena I still have targets to achieve.

October has seen a mix of school visits, award ceremonies (I won the Para Athlete of the Year at the Scottish Athletics Awards), moving house in Loughborough (amazed at how much stuff I have gathered together over the last 2-years), looking for a house to buy in Edinburgh (fingers crossed as an offer has been submitted) and training.

The first few training sessions back were quite punishing and I was sick a few times afterwards. November sees the training pick-up more as daily double sessions return to the training programme. However, gradually life is getting back into a bit more of a steady routine and this helps you focus on training.

My performance review was completed and delighted that I have retained my level of lottery funding. This allows me to continue to focus all my priorities around getting faster. My coach already has a plan in mind for the next 4-years to help me achieve my Paralympic medal targets. With the world championships in 2013 my aim is to retain my 100m title and bring my personal best under 12 seconds. I am confident this can be achieved.

As ever if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch via Twitter or the teamlibby page on Facebook.