Every landlord dreams of having good, long-term tenants and wants to avoid constantly finding new tenants. ESPC Lettings helps you find out how!

Some of the reasons that tenants want to move can't be controlled by landlords, for example these might include not enough space, or the property doesn't have a garden. Other common reasons to move are however they responsibility of the landlord and by making sure your property is up to scratch in the following areas should help you retain your tenant.

Poor kitchen facilites

Make sure your property's kitchen is in a good state of repair - it seems the nation has fallen in love with baking, so make sure your kitchen is an enjoyable space.


If your property is in a bad state of repair, it's unlikely your tenant will want to continue to make it their home. Inspect your property frequently to make sure everything is in great condition. If your tenant asks for a repair to be made, deal with is as promptly as possible. If it's going to take a few weeks before anyone can look at it, let them know. Be clear with your communications and don't let the tenant feel like you're ignoring them.


Tenants don't want to live in damp properties. Damp doesn't just smell unpleasant; it can also cause health problems. To keep damp at bay you need to find out where it's coming from. Water can seep in from blocked guttering, or it can be caused by poor ventilation. Make sure that extractor fans are working and, if necessary, put a dehumidifier in the property.


As a landlord you hope to make a profit, but it's important to make sure your rental price is in line with other homes in the area. Don't drive out a good tenant by unnecessarily increasing their rent.