Whatever your eco property picks, new or old, you can be assured that eco living is a lifestyle trend that won’t be going anywhere fast!

With the promise of saving money in the long run and being a bit more of an eco-friendly home owner, properties with good energy ratings or simple extras such as solar panels or double glazing are now more appealing than ever.

Here, we have two experts bringing you advice on how to find the perfect eco-friendly property for you.


Energy efficiency with ESPC

Dominic Spurling, ESPC Solutions Architect and ESPC website guru, sat down to share a few property picks and some insight into finding an eco-friendly home with ESPC.

Dominic explained how ESPC can help ESPC website visitors to find an eco-friendly property saying:

“It is great because our website visitors can search for houses with energy efficiency extras such as solar panels, double glazing, condensing boilers as well as various types of insulation.

Checking these boxes in the filters will narrow results down to those which mention these features in their descriptions. Refining your search with other details such as the number of rooms you would like or a minimum property price will help narrow down your search that much more.

We encourage visitors to get in touch by emailing us at feedback@espc.com with suggestions of any additional filter options they would like to see.

At the moment we are considering whether to add a filter for ‘Energy efficiency rating’ – if visitors tell us they would like this, we will build it into our website.”



Property search

You can find properties in Edinburgh or properties in Fife and other areas in East Central Scotland by using ESPC. Simply type in your criteria into the search bar such as 'one bedroom house Marchmont' to get an initial list of results to suit your search.

Then customise your search even further by checking off the search filters on the left side of the page where your search results appear.

These could be anything from minimum and maximum price ranges to type of flooring and as Dominic explained above, various types of energy efficiency filters such as 'insulation' or 'double glazing'.

You can also find various mortgage advice to help you along with your property buying journey.

New build eco homes


If you would prefer to buy a brand new property then a luxury eco house may be better suited to you.

Colin Cumberland, expert on the topic and company director at Eskgrove, explains that eco homes have come a long way saying:

“Whilst many of the first eco homes looked frankly odd, the new homes now incorporate all the new technology in a way that it would be difficult to spot from the outside. Research has shown we now spend on average 63% of our lives at home and only now are we really starting to improve the quality of that environment."

He also adds that there are lot of advantages to choosing a new build development with eco extras. Colin says:

“I think people are beginning to appreciate the huge benefits of living in what is now loosely termed and 'eco home'.

Energy bills are less than a half of those of comparable modern houses and there is also a fantastic quality of environment in this type of home; warm clean air heats from the floor up, not from the top down.”

For more information on luxury eco homes, or to arrange a viewing of one of their luxurious show homes, visit eskgrove.co.uk

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