An update on ESPC volunteering days...

Five diverse and fun volunteering activities were organised by Rose Rochford, ESPC Customer Services Advisor. The aim of the events was for staff to volunteer time to worthwhile charities and to bring departments together to form One Team.

Whatever you're doing always give 100%, unless you're donating blood!Kez (2)

Donating blood is safe, simple and takes only an hour. Every minute of every day someone in Scotland is receiving blood as part of a life-saving or life-enhancing treatment. Yet, only 5% of the population are active blood donors.

The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) must welcome 5000 blood donors every week to meet the needs of patients in Scotland. After getting over the initial nerves all donators were very happy they had donated blood to a worthy cause.

Vicky Livingston, ESPC Showroom Team Leader and volunteer commented:

"It was a lot more relaxing that I had anticipated! We were nervous to begin with in case it was going to be sore or we'd faint but the friendly staff really made us feel at ease.

For half an hour of our time, a cup of tea and a biscuit, thinking you could have just saved someone's life - definitely worthwhile and I would encourage anyone not to be scared and give it a go."


ESPC helps brighten up the Broomhouse MarketsBroomhouse Area

A day spent on the Broomhouse project, was well worth the time for ESPC volunteers. It wasn't a painting day as such more a getting the area ready to be painted which required a whole lot of elbow grease on the walls with wire brushes.

The area was also cleaned with a high pressure hose and an anti-fungicide wash. All the necessary materials, equipment, supervision and management were provided for as well as lunch.

Funds from Dulux were donated to undertake a colour transformation of the whole market area and an upgrade of the fruit and veg co-op interior.

Two community artists redesigned the mural wall and decided the colour scheme in the market. The work began on Thurs 23rd Aug and continued through to the following Fri 31st Aug.

David Marshall, Performance and Planning Consultant wrote about the event,

"I'm not generally a big fan of manual labour but I actually really enjoyed it! Was quite rewarding to feel like you were part of something that was making a positive difference to the area."

web1-300x270Happy clothes recycling day

Loads and loads of bags with clothing, bedding and towels were picked up on Thursday 30 August which was a brilliant result.  Staff thought the event went really well and were interested in making this an annual charity drive. All the clothing will be used and stuff that isn't quite right will be sold as rags.

As a thank you an afternoon tea of cakes and chocolates was held upstairs in the showroom mezzanine on Thursday 30 August at 2pm.

The Edinburgh Clothing Store (ECS) is a charity, run by volunteers, which offers free donated clothing, bedding and the like for people in genuine need.

Betty Williamson, Customer Services Advisor said:

"I thought it went very well. Everybody was very generous with their donations. I think about thirty bags of clothing all up and I think we should donate on a quarterly basis."

photo-101Mixing the rural with the urban for a day

Two teams went to Gorgie Farm on a 30th and 31st August. The temperamental Scottish weather smiled on ESPC staff on Thursday but the Friday Volunteers weren't so lucky! It was a great day and everyone who attended enjoyed 'mucking in'.

Erika Rinaldi, Software Developer was fantastic when it came to cleaning out the sheep pen which absolutely stank and made mine and Amanda Baillie, Customer Services Advisor eyes water with the strong aroma.

Gorgie City Farm has been a much-loved part of the local community in Edinburgh for the past 30 years. They are primarily dedicated to inspiring local people and tourists at the farm.

The farm is proud to offer courses in agriculture, gardening and handicrafts for adults and children. They delight in educating and entertaining city kids with hands-on, exciting activities involving farm animals, gardening and exotic creatures.

holyrood (2)Gorse Busters!

The event was held on a wet Thursday but didn't dampen the spirits of ESPC volunteers. The task in hand was the removal of gorse to clear a path for a stretcher when a person has been injured at Holyrood Park. Over 1 million people attend the park every year so safety is very important to the rangers.

Paul Hilton, Sales and Customer Services Manager said:

"I really enjoyed working outdoors in a wonderful location. The ranger was very helpful and explained why what we were doing at the park was so valuable. I would definitely sign up to this again."

By all accounts the events were a success, rewarding and surprisingly enjoyable. ESPC aims to continue volunteering in the future. For more information on the charities ESPC volunteered for, visit our ESPC Showroom in Edinburgh on George Street!