My Home: Paul Wedgwood

Paul Wedgwood is head chef and co-owner of Wedgwood restaurant on the Royal Mile. Here he tells us about his home life.


What’s your earliest memory of a house?

It’s the driveway of my childhood home, Levernside Avenue, Barrhead - building snowmen outside the front door!

Where would be your dream place to live?

My ideal dream would be to own houses in my favourite cities all round the world and moved between them throughout the year. If I had to shortlist it would be - Rio de Janiero, Copenhagen, Florence, San Francisco and Sydney. There are too many places in the world to tie yourself to just one.

Do you have a favourite building in Scotland?

It’s got to be Wedgwood on the Royal Mile - I spend so much of my time there and still love it!

A favourite place you visited on holiday, such as a hotel or villa?

The villa where I was married - Stanford House in Barbados. It was modern, spacious and stunning.

How would you describe your home?

Peaceful, calm, minimalist but comfortable.

What’s your favourite home smell?

My solid wood floors when they have just been cleaned.

What do you miss about home if you are away for a while?

My very comfortable bed.

Do you have a favourite room in the house?

I've built myself an ideas room, which houses my collection of books and inspirational cheffing memorabilia. My newest addition is Sonos which I’m loving.

How are your DIY skills?

Improving every day. I am challenging myself with new tasks and my power tool collection is ever expanding.

When was the last time you worked on your garden?

About five minutes ago - I picked the ripe Morello cherries from our tree for tonight’s dessert.

Dinner at the table or in front of the TV?

Dinner at the table - we have just got rid of the coffee table from the lounge to make us eat at the table. I keep long hours, and it’s easy to get in the habit of not finishing work till past midnight and then just putting the TV on whilst eating. Dining at the table brings more emphasis on the food and company.

What’s your favourite thing to cook for the home?

I grew up eating and loving my mums roast rib of beef, and I try and emulate this as often as I can.