Libby Clegg's update

Libby Clegg on what she's been up to before the run up to the Common Wealth games



It's been a while since my last blog post but I've been super busy. Here's what I have been up to.


My main focus at the moment has been on training but I've also been focussing on strength and conditioning training to get me strong for upcoming races.

I have been doing this in Nottingham as opposed to my regular training ground of Loughborough. It's nice to have a change of scenery as training really is my life nowadays and it's good to be in new places. Things have been progressing well and this has really been keeping me busy.

My race season hasn’t started yet, but I will start having my first races soon. I am aiming for my first one in a few weeks around mid May.

Off the track

I've not been in Edinburgh recently but I was rather delighted to have a surprise visit from my boyfriend Michael recently. Michael is a Scotland Rugby Sevens international player and we're often on different schedules even though we have a new home together which we bought through our ESPC property journey last year.

The biggest change in my life recently is the new addition to her family, and no it's not a baby! I've been doing guide dog training and now I've got my very own dog, Hatti.

The training has been a bit more complex than what I first envisaged but I've only had her two weeks and have got about another week to go. Hatti has been settling in really well so far and is fitting in to my life well. There’s been a really good response to her at the track too so she really is a member of 'Team Libby' now!

I've been so busy recently but I'll be blogging a bit more frequently in the future. Till then, do follow my Team Libby on Facebook as well as ESPC on Twitter for more of my day to day updates.

Chat soon!