Libby Clegg's guidelines for the visually-impaired

Watch our video with Libby, as she demonstrates the considerations and requirements for those with visual-impairments.



Libby Clegg, the paralympian who is supported by ESPC, has been helping us to draw up recommendations to assist those with visual-impairments when they are searching for a home.

These guidelines will then be given to our member solicitor estate agents so they can offer a full service to helping blind or partially sighted buyers find a suitable property.

Watch our video with Libby, as she helps a willing participant on a ‘blind viewing’ to give them a first hand experience of how different it is to view a property without vision.



Libby's tips for solicitors and estate agents

  • If your customer is partially sighted- offer a property with lots of natural light and openness
  • Help find properties where light switches and other electrical sockets are easily accessible in each room
  • For some customers, stairs might be an issue so ask if they’re more interested in bungalow options or properties with lift access
  • Ensure suggested homes offer easy access to the kitchen/bathroom/living room or other areas they would utilise the most to maximise ease of walking around their home unaided
  • Ensure the flooring is on one level throughout each floor of the property to avoid any potential tripping hazards
  • Invite the customer to bring somebody they trust along to viewings to ask questions that might require a more personal point of view
  • Make sure to read through the contract or any additional paperwork with the customer to ensure they fully understand what legal processes are involved.