Maintenance risks


Check your home for leaks, boiler breakdowns and bust pipes. Please follow our helpful tips to ensure you are safe and sound at any time.

Boiler Breakdown

  • Check your boiler is switched on. There will be a power switch on the boiler itself or on the wall near to it.
  • If you have a combi boiler, check the boiler pressure gauge. This is located on the front of the boiler and is sometimes behind a removable panel. The gauge should be between 1.0 and 1.5 bar.
  • If it starts losing pressure again after you have topped it up then do not top it up again. It means that there is a leak somewhere; call ESPC we will organise a heating engineer to attend.


  • Go upstairs to speak to your neighbour. Call ESPC and advise us of the leak and where it is coming in from
  • If it is outside office hours and no one is in upstairs, call the City of Edinburgh Council on 0131 200 2000
  • They can turn off the water in the empty flat.

Water leaking from the roof

  • Call ESPC. Let us know where the leak is coming in from
  • If it’s outside office hours, please refer to the emergency contractors list which you can find on
  • A small drip of water can wait until our office is open. Place a bucket under the drip to protect the carpets.

Water leaking from within your own property

  • Turn off the water. Familiarise yourself with the location of the stopcock when you first move in
  • Call ESPC. Let us know exactly where the leak is coming from
  • If it is outside office hours, refer to the emergency contractors list. A small drip of water can wait until our office is open.

Burst pipes

Tips if you are going away for a longer period (over two weeks) or if your pipe does burst:

  • Turn off the stopcock by rotating it clockwise until it’s completely closed
  • Switch off your heating systems as soon as possible
  • Drain excess water from the system. You do this by turning on all the taps and flushing toilets multiple times (after turning off the stopcock), until the water stops coming through
  • If anything electrical has been affected by the flood, turn off the mains electricity immediately before approaching the wet area. If the flooding’s near the mains switch, then seek professional assistance and don’t approach it
  • Check for bulges in the ceilings of rooms beneath the burst pipe, indicating trapped water. Place a bucket underneath the bulge and puncture it to control the drain
  • If the pipes require defrosting, you should seek professional advice. Don’t attempt to thaw pipes with the central heating or a hairdryer as this can make things worse.


  • Try and keep window displays minimal and all presents under the tree out of view of the window
  • Ensure all gift packaging is as unidentifiable as possible when thrown away – it’s like a big red arrow for burglars!
  • Double-check home security before leaving the home.


  • Keep food out of reach and packed away
  • If you see a mouse put down poison and/or traps as well as peppermint oil on a cotton wool ball
  • Block up any obvious holes with wire wool.