Reporting a maintenance problem


As an ESPC Lettings tenant we hope that your stay with us is hassle free. If you do encounter a problem, here is the best way to let us know.

Maintenance issues

In the event there is an issue or item that is faulty in your property please email or call our maintenance team on 0131 253 2847. We will then arrange for the relevant contractor to visit your property to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Please note: It is the landlord’s responsibility to maintain the property and invoices will be sent to ESPC for payment. However if the repair is found not to be the landlord’s responsibility because of tenant misuse rather than wear and tear i.e. washing machine not working and coins found in the washing machine drum, the invoice will then be forwarded to you for payment of the repair. Thank you for your cooperation.

Utilities questions

ESPC Lettings inform the council and utility provider of the change in tenancy. We provide them with the new tenants details and the lease start date. Unfortunately we cannot be held accountable for any delays in the provider issuing bills of problems with the bills.

Sometimes the provider will issue a bill in your name or they will automatically generate a letter to the property addressed to “The New Occupier”. This will confirm details of who the current supplier is and ask you to provide your details for the new account. Please contact the provider promptly so you can confirm details and control how you will make future payments.

If after you have been at the property for a couple of weeks you still haven’t received anything in the post you should refer to your inventory for details of your provider and the meter readings from the tenancy start date.

Please do not pay a bill addressed to someone else or with incorrect meter readings / tenancy start dates.

Useful information

The 'M Number Enquiry Line' (formerly Transco) provides gas consumers with a dedicated telephone number to establish who is the current registered gas supplier at their premises. The M Number Enquiry Line number is 0870 608 1524.

You can find out who your electricity supplier is by contacting your local energy provider.