Selling guide

If you are planning on selling your home, it can be difficult to know where to start. These top tips help keep it simple.

If you are selling your home there are lots of things to consider. Follow our simple, straightforward advice on every aspect of the moving process.

  1. Instruct a solicitor to sell

    Get valuations on your current property from a few different solicitor estate agents and then pick the firm that best suits your needs.

  2. Check your current mortgage

    This helps determine your financial position and it can help you understand what offer you can accept on your property. This is also the time to check tie-in periods and start to think about how much you want to borrow for your next property purchase.

  3. Marketing your property

    Your solicitor estate agents will handle this for you, including photography, schedules, for sale boards, advertising with ESPC and organising your Home Report.

  4. Handling viewings

    Presentation is everything. Make sure that you have the property looking as good as possible - bright, fresh and welcoming. Always try to show off the best aspects of your home.

  5. Accepting an offer

    Your solicitor will discuss any offers with you, helping you to pick the right one for you and secure you the most amount of money. After the negotiation they will work to complete the binding contract between you and the buyer (known as missives in Scotland) and handle all aspects of transferring the ownership of the property.

Now you can start looking forward to moving day and enjoying your new home!

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